Call Me Crazy

Stubborn or Just Plain Crazy

I’m not sure who’s cra­zier, my horse or myself.  Maybe I’m just stub­born.  Bet­ter yet, deter­mined.  Yeah I like the way that sounds bet­ter.

What am I so deter­mined about?  Find­ing a way via train­ing (not med­ica­tion) to bring Dancer under stim­u­lus con­trol in new envi­ron­ments.  Call me crazy because many say it can’t be done.  Call me crazy because I am deter­mined to find a way.

Now let’s be clear.  Dancer will always be the hot­ter of my two hors­es, no doubt.  He’s is school­ing fourth lev­el though, so he obvi­ous­ly can’t be THAT crazy!  It’s all per­spec­tive.  What I’m aim­ing for is Fourth Lev­el in com­plete har­mo­ny despite dis­trac­tions.  A tall order giv­en Dancer’s per­son­al­i­ty but a wor­thy goal non the less.  What is that famous quote?…

Only those who dare to fail great­ly can ever achieve great­ly.”
Robert F. Kennedy

Ok so I may fail great­ly but what if I suc­ceed?  If Dancer and I can achieve this, do you know what that will mean for so many hors­es out there.  How much hope I can give to oth­ers?  It’s mind bog­gling.


Where does this deter­mi­na­tion come from?  The prin­ci­ples of Reward Based Train­ing.  In my con­tin­ued search for knowl­edge, I have delved deep­er into the teach­ings of Susan Gar­rett.  She’s a dog train­er and her under­ly­ing foun­da­tion for all her train­ing is “It’s Yer Choice”.  She gives the dogs the tools to make the right choice in all sit­u­a­tions.  The right choice is the one that you teach them you want with reward based train­ing.  She’s amaz­ing.

So over the next cou­ple months I will be dis­sect­ing her teach­ings and apply­ing them to hors­es.  In fact, I already start­ed this morn­ing.