7 Steps to Analyzing Your Videos


Susan Gar­rett has awe­some videos on dog train­ing and she advo­cates video­ing each of your train­ing ses­sions.  She also talks about how to eval­u­ate your videos.  I took her idea and changed it for hors­es.  Video­ing my rides has been the most valu­able learn­ing tool besides tak­ing reg­u­lar lessons.  I start­ed video­ing reg­u­lar­ly in 2013 thanks to Soloshot (www.soloshot.com).  With Soloshot, you don’t need to beg or pay some­one to video you.  Now with this great 7 step process, 2014 is going to be even bet­ter.  Here’s the best way to ana­lyze your videos.

  1. WATCH AND ENJOY!  For the first view­ing, just sit back and enjoy the show.  Try not to pick it apart but just watch.
  2. NOTICE WHAT YOU DID WELL!  The next view­ing take the time to make a list on what you real­ly per­formed well, what you have improved on and what you know well.
  3. NOTICE WHAT YOUR HORSE DID WELL!  Again, make a list on how well your horse did, what he per­formed well in and what he has improved on.
  4. LOOK FOR ? YOUR HORSE HAS.  Can you tell from the video where your horse is con­fused, doesn’t under­stand what is being asked or hasn’t quite got some­thing.  Look here for ques­tions your horse is ask­ing you.  Look for some­thing you can tell he didn’t under­stand.
  5. WHAT COULD YOU HAVE DONE BETTER.  Ok here’s where our per­fec­tion­ism can come out.  What did you notice that you need to improve upon?  What do you need to learn, work on or change?
  6. WHAT COULD YOUR HORSE HAVE DONE BETTER?  In this view­ing notice what your horse needs to learn or improve in.  How will this effect your next ride or les­son?  What areas did you notice that weren’t great.  Write it down.  It’s going to be the map for your future rides.
  7. WHAT IS THE TAKE HOME MESSAGE?  Final­ly, over­all what is this video telling you?  Maybe you need to go back and do some home­work.  Maybe you need to step it up and chal­lenge your­self more.  Maybe you are ready to enter that show.  What was the over­all mes­sage?

Thanks every­one for being a part of Reflec­tions From the Sad­dle and here’s to hap­py video­ing!