The Difference Rewards Make

So you are prob­a­bly ask­ing your­self, how is this dif­fer­ent than any oth­er train­ing?  How is this going to change my horse?

The dif­fer­ence, my hors­es are moti­vat­ed to make the right choic­es.

Horse train­ers, dog train­ers and even zoo train­ers are using this train­ing method to get results.  Their ani­mals are  bet­ter at com­pet­ing, stay­ing focused, enjoy­ing their work and learn­ing super fast.  Why?  All because they are moti­vat­ed.  How are they moti­vat­ed?  By rewards.

I want you to start notic­ing what you do every day.  Think about what you HAVE to do… laun­dry, work, clean­ing the house, errands.  Now think about what you want to do, what you real­ly enjoy… rid­ing, sun­shine, din­ner with friends, a good cup of cof­fee.  Which ones do you find your­self grav­i­tat­ing towards?  Which ones make you more ful­filled?

Our hors­es are no dif­fer­ent.  Plus they can learn that their life is reward­ing when they make good deci­sions.  Deci­sions that you want.

So pic­ture this, it’s a nice warm Sat­ur­day.  The sky is beau­ti­ful­ly blue with big white fluffy clouds.  You have the win­dows down as you dri­ve to the barn.  As you pull in your horse notices your car and comes to the gate, allows him­self to be caught, qui­et­ly walks in the barn and stands per­fect­ly in the cross ties.  You tack up, mount up and head off to the are­na.  You feel good, the horse feels good.  You work on some new tech­niques you learned in the last clin­ic and your horse fol­lows right along, a will­ing part­ner in the dance.  He’s hap­py to work.  He’s con­fi­dent.  And you?  You are kind, com­pas­sion­ate and trust­wor­thy.


More like two beings enjoy­ing their time togeth­er as a part­ner­ship where train­ing is built on trust, com­pas­sion and rewards.  Those tools.  The con­cepts.  That train­ing.  The rewards that will get you clos­er to Utopia?  That is Reflec­tions From The Sad­dle.


We need a teacher to show us how to see ourselves- not just with heightened objectivity but also with greater forgiveness. For that job, there is a master: a sage who can teach any willing student the way. That sage is the horse.”

-Zen Mind, Zen Horse by Allan J. Hamilton


What I most desire, is for my horses to enjoy working with me.  For us to treat each other with mutual love and respect.  I want a spiritual path with my horses and not just use them for my gain.  I want to connect deeply with each and every one.